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 Banda Living is a professional manufacturer and solution provider for custom home furniture and improvement.And our experience in the industry dates back to 1999.At present,we've provided thousands of developers and builders worldwide with both kitchen cabinets,vanity and wardrobe manufacturing and turn-key home decoration solutions. From our 150,000 sq.ft headquarters and advanced facilities in Guangzhou,China,we deliver design,build & installation services with superior speed,service and value.We operates a project management model that is innovative,flexible,dynamic and centered on our clients. We have helped all of our clients to hand over their projects with competitive price and reliable service. For years,we ship numerous containers to over 86 countries annually with reliability.

Banda Living Office

  • Total Employees: 50-100
  • Size: 36,000 sq ft
  • Warehouse locations: 1
  • Total Bilingual Employees: 10
  • Skilled Designers: 5
  • Dedicated Engineers: 2

Our multicultural team is comprised of experts in the world of professionals.
We strive to offer the best solutions to our client's better living needs.

Banda Living China

  • Total Employees: 78
  • Size: 200,000 sq ft
  • Warehouse locations: 1
  • Total Bilingual Employees: 15
  • R&D Development: 5
  • Dedicated Engineers: 3

“Value Committed, Relationship Driven” has been Banda’s business philosophy since 1999.

This approach has led to 20+ year relationships with super developers and builders and numerous awards.

Our team members and competencies are unparalleled in the industry. We continue to build upon our success year after year through in-house manufacturing processes, long-term partnerships with suppliers, and our relationships with prominent brands.

Provide One Stop Solution Since 1999
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